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See a series of questions and answers below especially elaborated for all of the authors that intend to use the on-line submission of SGP.

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1 - What should I know about SGP before the first access?

2 - How can I submit my study?

3 - How can I submit Manuscripts through the online system?

4 - How can I send the images contained in the article?

5 - How can I include the name of the authors?

6 - How can I add a comment directed to the Editor?

7 - May I edit data after I have inserted title, content and authors and may I add new images?

8 - If I have internet connection problems while submitting my study, will I lose the already covered steps?

9 - May I start the submission today and complete it on another day?

10 - What is Copyright Transfer Statement?

11 - How can I proceed to continue an already started submission?

12 - When I start my submission, I get a message that there is another manuscript submitted by me. Why?

13 - How will I learn whether may paper has been accepted or refused?

14 - I submitted a paper and after some time I could see it in the "Non-compliant" section. How should I proceed?

15 - I already have the article edited with tables and text file. Will this kind of format be lost? Do I have to redo it?

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